MS Modeling


MS Modeling is a visualizer for molecular systems. This software can do its own calculations to render the effects of certain conditions or import data from other software for visualization.


  • 3.2

Authorized Users

Due to the limited number of licenses, we are only issuing license files per special request. Please contact us at to put in a request.


  • Workstation/PC


Before starting the installation:

  • Get the ISO CD image from .
    1. Log into the FTP server using your NetID and password.
    2. Change to the directory /pub/accelrys and download the file ms-modeling-3.2.iso.
    3. Once the download is finished disconnect from the FTP server.
    4. Burn this ISO image file to a blank CD using your favorite CD Recording software. If you need help with recording CDs, please see our CD Burning Guide.
  • Exit all programs
  • On Windows 7/8/10 logon as administrator or have administrator privileges.
  1. Insert CD. If program starts go to step 3.
  2. Double click on the My Computer Icon.
  3. Double click on the cdrom icon.
  4. Click on the ‘Install MS Modeling’ button.
  5. From the main screen click next to continue.
  6. Enter your name and ‘USF’ as the organization, click Next.
  7. By default, the installation is set to ‘Complete’. Leave this and click Next, then Install on the next screen. This installation will take some time.
  8. A screen will come up asking about a gateway. Please uncheck the box and click next.
  9. The next screen will talk about licensing. Make sure the checkbox “Launch license administrator” is checked and click Next.
  10. You will see a series of sections summarised in a tree on the left side of the window. Click ‘Install License’ and click ‘Browse’ next to the ‘License File’ prompt. Search for your ‘license.dat’ and click it.
  11. Close the license window.
  12. Click Finish to exit the installer. Then close the main installation screen.
  13. Remove cdrom.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs with MS Modeling to the IT Help Desk: