From the Autodesk Maya homepage: Autodesk® Maya® 3D animation software delivers a comprehensive creative feature set with tools for animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, matchmoving, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. For visual effects, game development, post production, or other 3D animation projects, Maya offers toolsets to help meet demanding production requirements. Maya 2013 adds tools that help facilitate parallel workflows and complexity handling; powerful new creative toolsets; and productivity enhancements to help you create higher quality content quickly.


  • 2013

Authorized Users

  • CIRCE account holders
  • SC account holders


  • CIRCE cluster
  • SC cluster


Maya requires the following module file to run:

  • apps/maya/2013

Running Maya on CIRCE/SC

The Maya user guide is essential to understanding the application and making the most of it. The guide and this page should help you to get started with your simulations. Please refer to the Documentation section for a link to the guide.

  • Note on CIRCE: Make sure to run your jobs from your $WORK directory!
  • Note: Scripts are provided as examples only. Your SLURM executables, tools, and options may vary from the example below. For help on submitting jobs to the queue, see our SLURM User’s Guide.

Maya rendering on the cluster is very efficient as each frame is broken up into an individual task and uses whatever CPUs are available on the system.

Post-Render Encoding

You can also use our standard MPlayer-based MPEG4 encoder to assemble your frames into a full video. This can be done using the following command:

[user@login0 ~]$ Encode_slurm myproject.mb 4 25 1920 1080

This will encode a High-Def MPEG4 video file from the rendered frames in the render work directory. The options are listed below:

[user@login0 ~]$ Encode_slurm 
Requires 5 arguments: 


Home Page, User Guides, and Manuals

More Job Information

See the following for more detailed job submission information:

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs with Maya to the IT Help Desk: