Terms of Service

The USF Information Technology - Research Computing team will ensure that Systems are managed and secured using current best-practices and methodologies, to keep use data safe. User data on the /home and /shares file systems is backed-up and replicated, with at least 14 days of incremental backups to retrieve from. Best effort is given to ensure the proper running of jobs on the system.

Service Now incidents will typically be responded to within 4 hours after being assigned to Research Computing during business hours, or 4 hours after the start of the next business day. Normal operating hours are 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays and closures.

You agree to abide by the University's Acceptable Use Policy You will not utilize system resources to support a for-profit private enterprise. You will not utilize system resources to support illegal activities.

User accounts do not have access to administrator commands in the CIRCE environment. Users should not use 'sudo' while executing commands on CIRCE. Since unauthorized sudo activity can be an indicator that an account has been compromised, all attempts are automatically logged and marked for review. In order to maintain system security, accounts using sudo commands are temporarily suspended pending verification.

Users will need to submit their jobs to the scheduling environment (SLURM) if the processes take more than 30 minutes and use more than 1 CPU core and/or 1 GB of system memory on a login node. Tasks that exceed these limitations may be stopped without advance notice to ensure system stability for all users. Such instances that require administrator intervention may result in account suspension.

A student cluster (SC) has been implemented for use in classes and other teaching activities. All tasks related to course work and training should be run on the SC environment, even if a user has access to both the SC and CIRCE clusters. The CIRCE cluster is reserved for active research projects only.

By entering your password, you are indicating your agreement with the Terms of Service and System Access Agreement outlined above.

By deleting your account, you are acknowledging that you no longer require access to Research Computing computational computational resources and other Linux-based resources. Account data will be preserved for a period of 5 years from the time of last affiliation with the university and can be removed thereafter at the discretion of administration. You will no longer receive notifications regarding maintenance or changes to Research Computing systems.