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From the Atmospheric Modeling website on AERMOD is a modeling system that incorporates air dispersion based on planetary boundary layer turbulence structure and scaling concepts, including treatment of both surface and elevated sources, and both simple and complex terrain. There are two input data processors that are regulatory components of the AERMOD modeling system: AERMET, a meteorological data preprocessor that incorporates air dispersion based on planetary boundary layer turbulence structure and scaling concepts, and AERMAP, a terrain data preprocessor that incorporates complex terrain using USGS Digital Elevation Data. Other non-regulatory components of this system include: AERSCREEN, a screening version of AERMOD; AERSURFACE, a surface characteristics preprocessor, and BPIPPRIME, a multi-building dimensions program incorporating the GEP technical procedures for PRIME applications.


  • 15181

Authorized Users

  • CIRCE account holders
  • SC account holders


  • CIRCE cluster
  • SC cluster


AERMOD requires the following module file to run:

  • apps/aermod/15181


The AERMOD user guide is essential to understanding the application and making the most of it. The guide and this page should help you to get started with your simulations. Please refer to the Documentation section for a link to the guide.

  • Note on CIRCE: Make sure to run your jobs from your $WORK directory!
  • Note: Scripts are provided as examples only. Your SLURM executables, tools, and options may vary from the example below. For help on submitting jobs to the queue, see our SLURM User’s Guide.

AERMOD was coded so that the input file has to be named “AERMOD.INP”. The following submit script is a good starting point for submitting AERMOD jobs.

  • The script below can be copied and pasted into a file (“” for example) in your job directory and modified so that you can submit batch processes to the queue.
#SBATCH --comment=aermod-test
#SBATCH --ntasks=4
#SBATCH --job-name=aermod-test
#SBATCH --output=output.%j
#SBATCH --time=01:00:00

#### SLURM 4 processor AERMOD test to run for 1 hour.

module load apps/aermod/15181

cp my_file.inp aermod.inp
mpirun -np $SLURM_NTASKS aermod
cp aermod.out my_file.out

Next, you can change to your job’s directory, and run the sbatch command to submit the job:

[user@login0 ~]$ cd my/jobdir
[user@login0 jobdir]$ sbatch ./
  • You can view the status of your job with the “squeue -u <username>” command


Home Page, User Guides, and Manuals

Benchmarks, Known Tests, Examples, Tutorials, and Other Resources

  • AERMOD Examples:
    • /apps/aermod/15181/examples

More Job Information

See the following for more detailed job submission information:

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs with AERMOD to the IT Help Desk: