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Authorized Users

  • WHPC-Login Users


  • whpc-login.rc.usf.edu

Connecting to Windows HPC

To log onto whpc-login.rc.usf.edu, you will need to use a Remote Desktop (RDP) client.

  • From a Linux workstation, it is recommended to use “rdesktop -u ‘FOREST\<username>’ whpc-login.rc.usf.edu” from the terminal. To view more options for rdesktop, view the manual page.
  • From a Windows machine, launch “Remote Desktop Connection” and specify whpc-login.rc.usf.edu for the ‘Computer’ field.

If you receive a permissions error stating that your account doesn’t have access, please email help@usf.edu and ask to be added to the Windows HPC user group on whpc-login.rc.usf.edu