Requesting access to the SC Student Cluster

The SC (student cluster) is designated for classwork-related use only.

  • Requests for access to the SC Student Cluster are made directly from faculty/instructors conducting the class.
    • Faculty/Instructors: To request access to the SC student cluster, please email with the following information:
      1. Full course ID number (ex: ABC1234.001F19)
      2. Your full name, email address, and department
      3. Whether a shared directory is needed for this class
      4. A text-based list (in .txt format, not .xls/.xlsx/.doc/.docx format) for each class section containing only the USF NetIDs (not student names, nor U-Numbers) of the users who need access, with 1 NetID per line (example below):
        • Sc sample roster.PNG
    • If roster changes/updates (ie: late class adds/drops) are required for an existing SC class, please email with just the requested additions/removals.
  • SC access valid for one semester only, and is reset at the end of every semester.

If roster changes/updated are made (ie: late class adds/drops), please email with an updated roster.

SC Documentation